Luahan Jiwa anak-anak yang menyentuh hati. …

Mission Accomplished ❤ ❤ ❤
by Ong Poh Yeong (head prefect)  on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 10:17pm ·
Conversation between the little babies and the lady in RED  Venue : room 107 of Empress Hotel in Sepang

Lady in RED : Thank you, girls ! I am really really happy. You all have done your very best. Our hard work indeed paid off. Even though we came here as an underdog yet we have proven to them that we, the Kedahans deserved to be the champion !

All the babies : We love you, mdm…. ( Deep in our heart , we uttered: ” Without you in the world of choral speaking, we are nothing ! We really appreciate you for everything from the very beginning till the very end of the battle. Your script has really made the team to be unique and outshines the other states as well. Throughout the practice, our range of vocabulary has gone up to a new level… Same thing goes to our pronounciation, enunciation and most importantly our expression! Exaggerating it to the power of infinity. To infinity and beyond !!!” )  We are really going to miss all the moments we have spent together as one big happy family. Staying back for the afternoon practices, Enjoying tons of buns you bought … ( esp “Bunroti” )and the list just goes on and on…… The taste of chicken curry by Cikgu Suria too would go down to the history of CS as a memorable one. ” Your cooking is the best, Cikgu Suria ! “Indeed,  a very long journey we have come across together. It will definitely stay as painted memories for now and always.

Hey, choral speakers !!! I guess it’s time for us to crack our heads again! That day, she just won  the best CS mummy award. What title should we give her now? How ’bout the nation mummy of CS ? I am very sure that all of us would never ever deny it, right?

THe best part of all was that the driver of our bus from the personality of a champion team driver became the so called “anak angkat ” of hers. ( haha, caught you ! mdm….. ) Joking happily with him all the way back. Together with Miss Beh who laughed her head off when one of the choral speaking team mentioned one plus one as eleven during the competition. Am I right, Miss Beh? Throughout the journey, she had never forgotten to make sure all the 35 babies were within her eyesight. Wait!!! This scene just came across my mind suddenly whereby Cikgu Rozita and Cikgu Hayati were busy carrying big plastic bags, coming out from the sogou supermarket. Can’t imagine how nice would it be if they come up with the “balik kampung style ” Hahahaha !!!

A million and trillion thanks to the PIBG committee, HM , teachers and parents for all the surprises… The flowers simply attracted us so much so that all the choral speakers were like : ” WOW ! A sweete dating with the HM, teachers and PIBGs… “The pictures on the banner made all of us  to be spellbound. Hugging each and every teachers under the rain was such a bliss… Just can’t describe how grateful we were……Once again, thank you !!! Muah ! Muah !! Muah !!!

When you smile, the whole world stops and stare for a while, cause you’re amazing, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE !

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